some people who already participated in an internship


It is important to be aware that volunteers are not necessary for the functioning of the school,
which has been created and established locally, although they are greatly appreciated. If you want to contribute to the school and add your name to the list, find out how in our volunteering manual.

Manuela Gropp, Germany
Junior High School, Social Studies

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Julia Westphal, Germany

Junior High School, History

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Felix Süßer, Germany

Junior High School, Geography

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Linda Gooding, USA

Senior High School, Mathematics

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Sophie Renner, Germany

Junior High School, Social Studies

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Frankie Searle, Canada

Junior High School, Mathematics

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Stefanie Weiner, Germany 
Primary School, English

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                                                 Annika Mahlstein, Germany

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We believe that having volunteers here from various places is a wonderful way to bring new ideas and perspectives
into the Anmchara school, share the wisdom and knowledge that is here with others throughout the world,
and build  understanding and awareness of other cultures among the volunteers, students, teachers, and larger community.


In order to make the most of your stay, we encourage you to communicate with us about
your ideas, talents and passions and how they might best be put to use. 

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