water container

clean water for Anmchara

The construction of the water container was a really important project fot the Anmchara International School, because the pupil did not have pure water to drink before. On the picture on the left hand side, you can see the headmaster of Anmchara, Godwin Agudey, and some of his students next to the water container.


The first use of the water container was in 2017 and since this time the studenst, teachers and also the volunteers in Anmchara have access to clean water at the school. With attention to the self-sufficiency of the school, this project was next to the chicken coop a milestone for the people in Sega. In the future, the people want to install a second and third container to be more independent from a possible failure of one of the containers.

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Godwin Agudey

Anmchara International School

P.O. Box 3

Kaja-Sega via Tamatoku-Ada

Greater Accra Region




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